Here’s What to Do If Your Car Overheats This Summer

When you see smoke billowing from under your hood, your first reaction might be one of disbelief or panic. However, when your car overheats, it’s best to stay calm, pull over somewhere safe, turn off the car, and call for help.

Common reasons your car overheats

When your vehicle’s cooling system is compromised, damaged, or failing, your vehicle can overheat. The cooling system could have a blockage or leak. If a water pump or radiator fan is faulty, your car can overheat. Finally, a clogged coolant hose can cause the problem, too. These issues often result from normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance can help you address these components before they fail completely.

Dangers of driving a car that’s overheating

If you continue to drive a vehicle that’s overheating, you’re putting yourself and your passengers in a precarious situation. It also can cause irreversible damage to your engine. Don’t risk your safety, the health of your vehicle’s engine, or your automotive budget. Pull over and stop the car.

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