Here’s What to Do If Your Car Overheats This Summer

When you see smoke billowing from under your hood, your first reaction might be one of disbelief or panic. However, when your car overheats, it’s best to stay calm, pull over somewhere safe, turn off the car, and call for help.

Common reasons your car overheats

When your vehicle’s cooling system is compromised, damaged, or failing, your vehicle can overheat. The cooling system could have a blockage or leak. If a water pump or radiator fan is faulty, your car can overheat. Finally, a clogged coolant hose can cause the problem, too. These issues often result from normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance can help you address these components before they fail completely.

Dangers of driving a car that’s overheating

If you continue to drive a vehicle that’s overheating, you’re putting yourself and your passengers in a precarious situation. It also can cause irreversible damage to your engine. Don’t risk your safety, the health of your vehicle’s engine, or your automotive budget. Pull over and stop the car.

For all your maintenance needs, bring your vehicle in for service at Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin in Baldwin, Georgia.

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Top Things To Do Near Baldwin, GA

Top Things To Do Near Baldwin, GA | Hayes CDJR of Baldwin

We at Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin love working in Baldwin because this area has so much to see and do. Here are a few of our favorite destinations near Baldwin we encourage you to check out. Before you set a course for one of these beautiful and interesting places, be sure to stop in at Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin!

Lake Russell Recreation Area

Lake Russell Recreation Area offers breathtaking views and a chance to reconnect with nature. The beautiful landscape offers four trails for biking, a 100-acre Lake Russell, 42 campsites, and ample opportunities for water sports.

Toccoa Falls

Toccoa Falls is a picture-perfect destination. The freefalling waterfall is 186 feet high. It is even taller than Niagara Falls! The location of the falls is Toccoa Falls College, which also boasts beautiful scenery thanks to its setting in a 1,100-acre wood.

Miles Through Time Auto Museum

You can wander through automotive history with your family and marvel at its innovations at the Miles Through Time Auto Museum in Clarkesville. The nonprofit showcases impressive collections from donors as well as hosts monthly events and exhibitions. There is plenty to see including art, memorabilia, and of course, classic cars!

Schedule a maintenance check at Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin in Baldwin, Georgia, before you explore Baldwin!

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3 Important Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tasks in Baldwin, GA

2018 Jeep Wrangler | Baldwin, GA

Summer puts extra stress on your vehicle. Whether you’re planning to stay close to home or expand your horizons with a road trip, you need to ready your vehicle for the demands of summer travel. Here are three important summer vehicle maintenance tasks you need to do so you can move about, trouble-free.

Review the condition of hoses and belts

To make sure you’re not straddled with an unexpected breakdown or inefficient engine performance, look for signs of damage or wear and tear on hoses and belts. Check that the connections aren’t loose, too.

Promote good engine performance

To bolster your engine’s performance, make sure you’re working with a new air filter. Typically, an air filter should be changed every 12,000 miles, but this interval can decrease if you’re consistently driving over dusty, dirty, or gravelly roads.

Wipe away the rain

Although summer is synonymous with fun in the sun, do not forget it can offer bring on unpredictable weather like thunderstorms. To make sure you see clearly when you’re behind the wheel, you need properly working windshield wipers. If your set has worked overtime during winter and spring, now is the time to install a new set of windshield wipers.

For all your summer vehicle maintenance tasks contact the service department at Hayes Chrysler in Baldwin, Georgia. And, if you’re interested in becoming a service tech, check out our employment opportunities here.

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Crucial Service for Your Jeep® in Baldwin, GA

Crucial Service for Your Jeep® | Hayes CDJR of Baldwin

Your Jeep® model is designed for comfortable travel over paved roads and rugged terrain. To help your Jeep® maintain its adventurous abilities and help you fulfill your outdoor pursuits, be sure to schedule an appointment at Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin, Georgia, for service. Here are two of the most important things you need to focus on to keep your Jeep® model running well.

Tire checks

The tires on your Jeep® model are crucial to your safety no matter what surface you are on. Because your tires are in constant contact with the road or rugged trail, they can degrade quickly. It is important to review each tire regularly for signs of damage such as bulges, tears, or uneven wear. Be sure that each tires is properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Brakes review

When you are careening across challenging terrain, you need to trust that your brakes will provide adequate stopping power to keep you and your passengers safe. Our technicians will review every component of your Jeep® model’s braking system including its shoes, hoses, and pads. They will also make sure the brake fluid is at the right level to sustain its working condition.

For all your summer vehicle maintenance tasks, contact the service department at Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram in Baldwin, Georgia. And, if you’re interested in becoming a service tech, check out our employment opportunities here.

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Benefits of Attending Trade School or Technical College

Service Technician | Alto,GA

Want to put your career on the fast track? Consider attending a trade school or technical college — these learning institutions can help you save time, spend less, and put you on track towards a lucrative, in-demand career. Here are a few ways that a trade school or technical college can be a boon for motivated learners.

  • Save money. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year to attend some conventional universities. Trade schools and technical colleges are significantly more affordable, and also come with fewer hidden fees, like room, board, and dining expenses
  • Get your education fast. If you go the conventional college route, you’ll be in school for a minimum of four years before you graduate. At a trade school or technical college, you can earn your certification in two years or less. And with multiple class start dates throughout the year, you don’t have to wait to start your education
  • Enjoy one-on-one attention. Trade schools and technical colleges offer small class sizes, so you can participate in discussions and ask questions in a more personal setting
  • Real-world experience. If you like to learn by doing, trade school or technical college is for you. You’ll have the chance to see what a day in the life of your future profession is like, all while gaining hands-on knowledge and watching live demonstrations

Once you’ve completed your education, you’ll be on track for a lucrative career at a Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin. Check out our job listings today.

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Employment Opportunities – What Does a Service Technician Do?

Ready to advance your career in the automotive industry? At Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin, we’re looking to grow our team of service technicians. Here’s a look at the job responsibilities of this lucrative career field.

Service Staff in the Service Bay | Alto, GA

Job responsibilities

  • You’ll be expected to efficiently perform maintenance and repair jobs while meeting the standards of Mopar® and our dealership
  • Use your knowledge of vehicles and diagnostic tools to diagnose vehicle problems. You’ll be working on everything from the air conditioning system and suspension to the transmission and engine
  • Customers want to know how long they’ll be waiting for their vehicle to be up and running again. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to accurately estimate the time and labor costs for car repairs and maintenance
  • In the automotive service field, you’ll work with both customers and service advisors. To help them understand the diagnoses and repairs, you’ll need to be able to explain these topics in non-technical language
  • Since the automotive industry is always advancing, you’ll have to stay up-to-date on the latest automotive technology by attending formal training
  • Use your expertise to inspect and test vehicles. Accurately keep records and record your findings so all needed repairs can be made

Interested in applying? We’re looking for Chrysler certified technicians, but we’ll pay you to train. Head over to our website to check out our job openings. We look forward to you joining the Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin family!


What is the Mopar Career Automotive Program?

At Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin, we’re growing our team of certified service technicians. While we’re seeking Chrysler-certified automotive technicians, you can also receive training through the Mopar® Career Automotive Program.

Jump-start your career

Unlike traditional degree programs, which take 2-4 years of schooling in order to graduate, the Mopar® Career Automotive Program can take as little as 12 months to complete.

Service Man | Alto, GA

High potential for earnings

When you work in the automotive service industry, you have the potential to earn big bucks. The National Automobile Dealers Association estimates that B-technicians earn an average of $62,000 annually. Your earnings will only go up as you advance in your career field. On top of that, Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin offers a generous benefits package, a 401(k) retirement plan, and paid time off.

The right career for hands-on learners

The Mopar® Career Automotive Program is great for hands-on learners, problem solvers, and professionals who are passionate about automobiles. You’ll need to be tech-savvy and open to learning new skills and technologies to keep pace with the ever-evolving automotive industry.

If you’re looking to advance your career in the automotive service industry, check out our job listings on the Hayes Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Ram of Baldwin website.


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